Wednesday, May 26, 2010

eDirectory Installation Errors

More troubleshooting fun today.  Large customer, lots of users, lots of drivers, needed more horsepower.  How do we get more horsepower?  That's easy, throw another server in the mix.  Step one of adding a new server to IDM, install eDirectory and join it to the tree.  This is where I got hung up and for some reason it actually took a little while to click in my head.

I was starting the installation, then receiving timeout errors.  Come to find out, I had forgot to turn off the stupid Windows Firewall.  It was blocking the replication and all of the other things I need to work to get the tree working.  My install should work now, but I need to go through and cleanup that old install and get cracking on the new one, there are a few things that I have to do for this to work.

First, I had to do the basic Add/Remove programs thing.  Of course, being Windows, this rarely, if ever, actually removes the entire program.  The next step was to go remove the C:\Novell directory in its entirety.  I had to escalate to admin privileges for this.

At this point, you would think it works, but it does not.  The stupid NDS console thing still exists in the control panel and needs to be removed.  This is the tricky one.  To remove this (and complete the uninstall), you must remove the following file:


Now, you can actually start the eDirectory installation again, but you have another problem.  The eDirectory object name for the server already exists.  Due to the installer crashing out early, you must go and manually delete two objects from the directory.  The server object and the ndsPredicateStats object.  Both will be named pretty obviously specific to your server (unless you changed them, in which case, shame on you).

After this, you can continue the installer (this time without the windows firewall!) and everything is happy.

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