Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Convert Octet String to Hex String in NetIQ IDM

An attribute is in eDirectory as type "Octet String".  It is storing the AD GUID attribute so I do not have to parse DirXML-Associations because I'm too lazy to write all of that code.  Another engineer added this attribute to store it, but made it an Octet String and my driver needs the Hexadecimal representation of this attribute in the database.  After doing some Google-foo, I have discovered that NetIQ has already written an ECMAScript function that handles this exact behavior.  It is located in the Library and the ECMAScript object is called "NOVLLIBAJC-JS".

I included the ecma object in my driver, then added the XPATH token in the string builder to perform es:octet2AsciiHex($mylocalvar).  This did a perfect conversion for me, nice and simple.

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