Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ColdFusion 9 init script

Cloud migration is happening at GCA!  Very exciting stuff.  The cloud is great, we will no longer have to manage our own hardware, worry about the power situation, backup battery, snapshots, maintenance crap, or anything else associated with hosting our own websites. 

The fun part of the whole thing is rebuilding the coldfusion stuff up in the cloud.  Not a big deal, been there done that.  The only quirk to the whole thing about building a Coldfusion 9 webserver on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is that it does not have a valid startup script, so I created my own.  Its nothing fancy, but gets the job done.  Enjoy

#! /bin/sh

case "$1" in
        echo "Starting ColdFusion9" >&2
        /opt/coldfusion9/bin/coldfusion start
        exit 3
        echo "Restarting ColdFusion9" >&2
        /opt/coldfusion9/bin/coldfusion restart
        exit 3
        echo "Stopping ColdFusion9" >&2
        /opt/coldfusion9/bin/coldfusion stop
        exit 3
        echo "Usage: $0 start|stop|restart" >&2
        exit 3


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